About Us

I, Rita Morton, owner, servant of God and artist have been creating church banners  since 1989.

Most of all, I desire to inspire people to worship and serve our Lord through these banners. Each banner is hand crafted from quality satins, metallic fabrics and trims. Each is artistically designed using color and composition combined with scriptural words for their individual purpose.

My personal inspiration began at a very low and dark time in my life…the period after my husband, James Morton, passed suddenly from a heart attack at the young age of 36.  James was my anchor, my first love.  But James had a greater first love, his God.  Although I had lived a Christian life and had been a part of church ever since I could remember…I had not placed God first in my life.  James’ passing left me devastated, feeling hopeless and alone to care for 4 small children.

I began to understand the power of worship.  God met me in my personal darkness. I played worship and praise songs... sometimes so loudly, that I had to distance myself outside my home.  But this became my refuge.  The presence of God came... and brought me comfort.  I learned that worship from the heart brought the presence of God.  And in His presence, there is joy.  It did not feel like "joy" to me at that time... maybe even for years to come, but I know I live because of Him... and joy does come   God was and still is my Refuge.  

My personal banner is the "GOD is MY REFUGE" banner. It depicts the Lord "wings" of refuge covering us in the midst of the night... with the glory of God centered in His wings.
Psalms 46 : 1, and 17 : 8